Benefits of Transman Top Surgery

If you’re uncomfortable in your body, it can make transitioning between genders even more challenging. How you feel about the way you look can have a significant impact on your mental health. If you’ve been thinking about transman top surgery, it’s essential to explore the benefits to ensure you make an informed decision. Decrease Body... Read More

Tips for Making the Most of Transgender Therapy

As you go through your transition, you will go through a lot of emotions and need the appropriate support to protect your mental health. Finding a therapist who specializes in transgender therapy will give you the best results. The following will help you understand how to make the most of your therapy sessions. Be Open... Read More

How to Prepare for Transgender Reassignment Surgery

Undergoing transgender reassignment surgery can be a freeing experience, giving you the body you feel belongs to you and reflects who you are. However, it’s essential to understand these surgeries are a significant commitment and require careful preparation. Your surgeons will help you through the preparation process, but it can be useful to know what... Read More

Tips for Handling Gender Dysphoria in Children

It can be frustrating and confusing for parents to help a child who is experiencing gender dysphoria. Many parents feel helpless and aren’t sure what they can do to encourage their child and help them through this challenging time. The following tips will help you handle gender dysphoria in children, so you can set your... Read More

Being Transgender in a Binary World 

By:  Loree Cook?Daniels – Director, FORGE Transgender Aging Network, USA Abstract: This essay discusses ways in which people attempt to reconcile or resolve their own cognitive dissonance engendered by transgender people in a society in which gender is perceived as both binary (male OR female) and immutable (an unalterable state or condition).  The author suggests... Read More

How Gender Reassignment affects the mind

This is a very interesting article on how gender reassignment affects the mind. Rewire Me has run dozens of articles on people’s conscious journeys toward healthier, deeper, more spiritually attuned ways of living. I’ve written about religious experiences that are so powerful they seem to spontaneously rewire the whole person, transforming him or her into... Read More

Texas school officials don’t understand transgender athletes

Source: Washington Post By Katelyn Burns May 4 at 6:00 AM – Katelyn Burns is an essayist and a trans woman. She lives in Maine with her two young children. Misguided, overzealous rules wind up not being fair to anyone. Last week, a Texas court dismissed a lawsuit that sought to ban Texas transgender high... Read More

Caitlyn Jenner Opens Up To Diane Sawyer About Her Life 2 Years After Coming Out

The wide-ranging interview hit on everything from Donald Trump to her Vanity Fair cover. There is “peace” in Caitlyn Jenner’s soul. That’s the message she had for Diane Sawyer ? and the millions of people who tuned in for her second in-depth interview on ABC’s “20/20” to celebrate the anniversary of coming out as transgender in April 2015.... Read More