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How to Prepare for Transgender Reassignment Surgery

See a Therapist

Most transgender surgeons will require you to meet with a therapist prior to agreeing to perform transgender reassignment surgery. It’s critical for individuals to be sure of their decision and to protect their mental health to ensure the best chance of success. The length of time you need to be in therapy will depend solely on you. Once you get the go ahead from your therapist, your surgeon will schedule your procedures.

Meet with a Surgeon

Because transgender reassignment surgery is a significant commitment, you will need to meet with a surgeon ahead of time to discuss the pros and cons and determine whether surgery is right for you. They will ask questions about your general health and what you want to achieve with surgery. The surgeon will give you essential information about the various procedures and help you build a plan that will help you get the body you deserve.

Follow Your Pre-Op Instructions

After scheduling your transgender reassignment surgery, your surgeon will provide you with a list of pre and post-op instructions. You must follow these instructions closely, or you risk the surgeon denying the surgery due to safety issues. These instructions may include refraining from certain medications before your surgery and when you should stop eating and drinking before your procedure.

If you’re interested in transgender reassignment surgery, contact The International Center for Transgender Care to schedule an appointment to meet with our qualified transgender care team.