To get started, you have several options:

  • Contact us via our web-based contact form
  • For the surgery center, you can call us at 972-543-2477
  • For our holistic therapy division, you can call us at 816-305-0943

Our surgical and Med Spa facility is located at:
The American Institute for Plastic Surgery:
6020 West Plano Parkway
Plano,TX 75093, Suite 100

Our holistic therapy division is currently located at:
The Transgender Institute:
8080 Ward Parkway, Suite 400
Kansas City, Missouri 64114

We have year of extensive surgical work in the transgender community.

We routinely work with insurance providers for gender and gender-related services.  We suggest you initially contact your employer’s HR department or call your insurance company benefit line and ask if they cover transgender/gender-related procedures and whether there are any exclusions. Have them point you to the specific policy documentation and send to us.  Our doctors are considered “In Network” with many insurance plans.

Yes, our therapists use Skype and Facetime technology for remote gender therapy.  In addition, we offer virtual sessions for initial surgery consultations.

Yes, our therapists work across the entire age spectrum.  However, patients for endocrinology and surgical services must meet minimum age requirements as mandated by law.

Yes.  Our therapists, surgeons and staff follow and adhere to the WPATH Standards of Care #7.  They are very fair and do not require that patients remain in therapy for an inordinate amount of time, as they used to.

Yes, we work with many Transmen, Transwomen and gender non-conforming individuals.

Gender dysphoria is characterized by a deep-seated, chronic state of discomfort originating from mental dissonance between one’s sense of self as it relates to gender, and either the gendered characteristics of one’s body (secondary sex characteristics, genitalia, and reproductive organs), the gendered ways one is treated by others in terms of pronouns, titles, etc, or both. Science now supports the notion that gender dysphoria is a biological/physiological condition.  For more information, please read our What is Gender Dysphoria? page.

The International Center for Transgender Care (ICTC) was created in response to the often disjointed treatment of transgender patients. Founded by a group of plastic surgeons and a mental health therapist, all experts in their respective fields, ICTC seeks to offer a higher level of care for members of the transgender community. Here, our approach is truly holistic. In addition to providing a comprehensive range of gender transition surgeries, ICTC offers gender therapy, a med spa, and a research division all at one center. All of our services are delivered in a welcoming and affirming environment at our state-of-the art surgical center in Dallas, Texas.

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